Friday, October 31, 2008

Will America Have Buyer's Remorse?

The man can move a crowd, no doubt about it. He speaks with ease and flows in and out of talking points better than Bill Clinton. He has built his prominence out of thin air. He is a blank slate that voted present a hundred times. He is the one, Barack Obama. But, will America wake up next Wednesday with an election speech induced hang over and ask themselves "What have we done?" Will they realize, the owners and managers of companies, the hard working middle class, the one's that drive this economy and push America to improve daily....will they realize that words really do matter? Obama's economic plans have been tested. They have had a long trial run in places like France. Daniel Patrick Moynihan once claimed "America's economy is one of liberty, Europe's is one of equality." I know plenty of so called progressives in my town that long for this situation. I see it as a longing for everyone to be mediocre. Mona Charon wrote today this excerpt: "If Barack Obama is elected president and Democrats control large majorities in the House and Senate, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate will move the country decisively in the direction of dying Europe -- low productivity, high joblessness, low birth rates, high taxes, and limp foreign policies. The triumvirate will do this at a time when a vibrant America is more necessary than ever -- with Iran seeking nuclear weapons, Pakistan teetering, al-Qaida regrouping, China and Russia telegraphing hostility, and Iraq just barely emerging into the sunshine. " That says a lot in just a few lines. Is this really what Americans want? To just be? To conform to the world's standards of productivity, ingenuity and tax rates? I don't believe it truly is and I certainly hope we don't all wake up on November 5th with a buyer's remorse migraine.