Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Battlefield of Ideas

There are those in this community that abhor contested primaries. They claim it takes away necessary resources from the "real" campaign. They dislike conflict in the party ranks. To them I say "compete on the battlefield of ideas." I have worked on several campaigns, but never on my own. I have walked door to door for candidates that I believe in, but never for myself. I have watched from the sidelines as my community sets the course. Well, now I am in the fight. I am jumping in with both feet and not looking back. I have ideas on how to improve this county. I am not frightened by anyone else that wishes to question me or share their own ideas. I welcome it. The benefits of contested primaries far out weigh the draw backs. A contested primary forces candidates to get out there early. It causes one to find ways to get those ideas out in the open. In the end, doesn't that help the entire community? I welcome the competition of a primary battle, a battle of ideas.