Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Believe...

I believe America is the greatest nation on earth.

I believe Keith Olbermann has no upper teeth.

I believe Eric Schansberg would make a terrific congressman.

I believe in free markets.

I believe a person should not make a career out of political office.

I believe in keeping more of what I make.

I believe Baron Hill will run for governor.

I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins.

I believe in peace through strength.

I believe chocolate is proof that God exists.

I believe in maximum liberty and minimum government.

I believe President Obama is creating a socialist society.

I believe in charity because I want to, not because I am forced to.

I believe it is morning in America.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter was never a Conservative Anyway.

Arlen Specter will announce today that he is switching party affiliation from a RINO (Republican in name only ) to Democrat. The truth is, he was never a conservative anyway. Why would he do this? He will have you believe that he can no longer caucus with the Republicans and that the party left him. He will go on about a change in values and his maverick past. Well, here is the TRUTH. Specter is facing a formidable primary challenge back in Pennsylvania. After 30 years, he fears losing the primary to a younger "real" Republican. So, he will switch parties, try to make it to the general election and squeak out a victory next November. Some people will do very desperate things to hang on to power. Now, if we could only get him to take John McCain with him. We will trade you Specter and McCain for Joe Lieberman straight up.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Same Folks, Same Results

Over at the friendly NABC blog...I mean NA Confidential, Bluegill raps on and on about the aggressive administration that residents have longed for for years. He laments the future retirement of those in positions that have the "institutional knowledge and experience in successfully navigating bureaucracy, particularly the type of state and federal funding and compliance rules that circumscribe what we're able to accomplish with what's too often the only money we have (or are allowed to use due to uncooperative councils)." I have several question to insert here. First, wasn't this administration in power not so long ago? Do we not know what was and was not accomplished the first go around? The people in positions may have knowledge and experience, but what has really been accomplished? What connection to Mayor England do you have and/or why do you defend him so vigorously?

Now we all know that I don't actually "live in the city" of New Albany. With that said, I love this place. It really pains me to see the non-action and the insignificant grandstanding by all in this government. I haven't heard a new idea from any of them...ever. Maybe I am not listening. Maybe I am right. Somebody from the "city" tell me why you put up with cronyism and incompetence?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Do Nothing Legislature

Indiana is not known for expediency in the state house, so why should this session be any different. Many major pieces of legislation won't even see the floor. Among these are the state wide smoking ban in public places, the restructuring of local governments and my personal favorite...the caps on property taxes. For Pat Bauer, the answer to the question seems to be "no." Let's test it. Can we get a vote on spending freezes? NO. How about defense of marriage? NO. Silly me, let me move on to the important issues, eh. The citizens have said that they would like an end to the yo yo of property tax payments. Will you move forward on caps for Hoosier's property taxes? NO. Ok, how about reforming local governments? NO. I see. Mr. Speaker, can you say anything other than no? NO. Sure, one last question...are you opposed to anything that is backed by the governor no matter what the constituents say? YES. Gotcha.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anderson Cooper Knows Teabagging

Last night Anderson Cooper made several jokes about those attending the Tax Day Tea Parties and a sexual act usually associated with homosexuals. He stated, "It is hard to talk when you are teabagging." David Gergen laughed like a middle school boy and thus the actions of hundreds of thousands of Americans were discounted. Who cares? They are all a bunch of right wing extremist, gun toting, anti-government, ignorant, back woods conservatives anyway. At least that is what the DHS Secretary warns.

I guess the powers that be at CNN will try anything for ratings. They are wallowing in last place in cable news. I did see a sign on display at one of the parties that summed it up for me: "CNN, You Suck." Not very intellectual, but concise.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Once Knew a Man...

I once knew a man that wore his heart on his sleeve. He had strong convictions and did not mind sharing them with you. He loved his family and made new friends daily. He believed in participating in the lives of his grandchildren. His work ethic was one to be admired. He was hard but caring. He was opinionated but fair. He would listen and offer advice. His legacy is what he instilled in his friends and especially his grandchildren. To them, he was "Big Pa." To me he was a friend. I miss you J.J. May you rest in peace.

Gone to soon... John Evans. Only 48. Your memory will live on in these kids.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Indiana Lawmakers Strengthen Feticide Sentence

The Indiana House has approved a measure to strengthen the penalty for killing an unborn "child." The penalty now will be six to twenty years for murdering a child while in utero. The new language sadly stops short of calling the fetus a human being that deserves the right to life. Instead, the bill refers to the "termination of a human pregnancy" which of course means by someone other than a doctor that is authorized to kill babies. The bill moves back over to the Senate where it should pass easily and the language of this bill will match what is already on the books for feticide laws. The bill also makes it unlawful no matter what stage of life the baby is in. The previous measure only kicked in for a murder charge if the fetus was past seven months. Congratulations members on passing this, even though it does not go far enough in declaring fetuses as humans. They are now obviously not "part" of the mother. If the fetus dies and the mother lives, a perp is still charged with murder. Add to that the fact the baby has its own DNA and blood type and you have yourself a human baby.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The "Rat" Pack

Make your own title for this gang of four...

PM Brown Again Calls for NWO

Talk about your one track minds, this Gordon Brown fellow has Global Government on the brain. He repeated his call today by stating "a New World is emerging." Yesterday he said the G20 needs to use this financial crisis "to create a New Financial World Order." Now for the cherry on top: "This is collective action...we have resolved that from today we will together manage the process of globalization." Ok, we get it. You want a one world government and one currency for all. You are preaching to the choir at the gathering of world elites. The G20 is nothing more than a push for globalization by the figure heads of the world. It is in the works and well on the way. Gordon Brown is only the puffer. His job is to get you used to hearing it so you won't be shocked when it happens...and it will happen.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Odds and Ends

The Constitution of the United States is much more than just a document about your rights. It is also about restricting the reach of government into your life.

The Constitution is a simple, to the point collection of ideas. I have a pocket Constitution that also contains the Declaration of Independence. It fits nicely in my desk and can be read and understood in a matter of an hour. On the other hand, the tax code of the United States is over 12,000 pages and cannot be understood by anyone. Ask three IRS staffers the same question and you will get three very different answers. It is so complicated that most of President Obama's appointees have had trouble getting it right.

Now Mr. Obama has broken a campaign promise. It took just about two and a half months for the first new tax, an increase on cigarettes, to take effect. He stated no less than a dozen times while campaigning that he would not raise taxes on the poor and middle class. Yet, the demographics on smokers shows a majority are middle class or working poor. Buckle up boys and girls, it is going to be a bumpy ride.