Thursday, June 12, 2008

Personal Demons, Public Humiliation

Former GOP mover and shaker Glenn Murphy Jr. pleaded guilty today in a Clark County courtroom. He will likely serve one year in prison, four years probation and have to register as a sex offender. What went wrong? A promising career as the chairman of the growing Clark County Republicans, where he helped orchestrate the election of more Republicans in the past ten years than in the past fifty combined, is obviously over. His stint as National Chairman of the Young Republicans barely got started. How does a man with so much going for him lapse into what must have been a drunken loss of control of his sexual desires. This has nothing to do with Glenn being gay. I've known Glenn for years and the subject never came up. This has to do with men in powerful positions lusting for more and thinking they can't or won't get caught. He has brought embarrassment to himself and his family, and this incident wasn't even the first. He has disgraced his family and forced friends and colleagues to denounce him. He has put aside the future of politics in Southern Indiana and the country for an impulse in the middle of the night. Let this be a lesson to those in positions of power or authority. Whether in business, family or politics - there are things in this world more important than the selfish desires of flesh. I hope and pray that Mr. Murphy's life somehow gets back on track after prison. I hope and pray that these incidents become rare rather than commonplace.