Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Christmas Wish List

by Daniel Short

Merry Christmas to you all - that's right, I said MERRY CHRISTMAS! If that offends you, you are obviously on the wrong blog. I heard that Barbara Walters questioned the Christmas card that she received from the White House because it contained a Bible verse. She wondered aloud if Jews and Muslims received the same card? The last time I checked, Christmas was a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. Barbara, I don't think Jews or Muslims celebrate unless they own a retail outlet and the sales are brisk. This is still a country based on Christian values and traditions - even if it is fading before our eyes. Lighten up Walters.

Now for my wishes!

My wish for Mike Sodrel - Lots and lots of campaign contributions to help get that message out. The do nothing congress finally did something. They once again intruded upon our freedoms to make choices for ourselves and our families by mandating higher costs for transportation and likely less safe vehicles by upping the mileage standards. Hey Congress, cars already exist that get 35 miles per gallon - we can buy them if we want to, not because we have to. Call me Mike, I have some great ideas for this upcoming fight.

My wish for Mike Huckabee - Thick Skin. Welcome to the lead Mr. Huckabee, where everyone will shoot you in the back. Take joy in the barbs for they will sharpen your skills for your Fall 08 showdown with the Clinton attack dogs. Chin up, chest out, running shoes on!

My wish for all you middle America conservatives - Stamina! We know who we are, we know what we stand for, we know we are the spine of this nation - we are the real America. Be relentless - tell everyone you know what is important in this election. Do not let up, even if it looks promising for the right. Let's renew our commitment to changing America for the better, from local to national. We formed it, now let's take it back.
Jeff Foxworthy made this comment on the CMA show this year about folks like us, "we get up and go to work, we get up and go to church and we get up and go to war if we are asked to." AMEN

Merry Christmas to you all and to all good 2008.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Will the real Conservative please stand up?

by Daniel Short

Congratulations to Mitt Romney on pulling off a very tricky speech on religion. The speech writer is great. He should be employed by our next president. Now to the content - Romney wants us all to put his religion aside and focus on his ideas. Now we all know that this speech was put out there for one reason - Mike Huckabee! It seems that the evangelical wing has rallied behind Huckabee and pushed him to a national lead in some polls. Romney saw no choice but to explain the foundations of his faith and try to recapture the number he has lost. It comes down to these two for conservative Christians. We don't have to settle for a man that created a sanctuary city, marched in gay pride parades and has lived his private life so thoughtless that his children are estranged from him. Romney claims that his religion is based on Jesus Christ as savior and that is what matters most. I tend to agree. More important though is the evangelical movement making their voices heard. We are not the toothless, gun rack, snake handling crowd. We are bright, deep seated in our faith and now we are loud. We know what we want in a candidate and are not going to settle for a middle of the road RINO. Maybe the third party should be called the Conservative party!