Friday, December 7, 2007

Will the real Conservative please stand up?

by Daniel Short

Congratulations to Mitt Romney on pulling off a very tricky speech on religion. The speech writer is great. He should be employed by our next president. Now to the content - Romney wants us all to put his religion aside and focus on his ideas. Now we all know that this speech was put out there for one reason - Mike Huckabee! It seems that the evangelical wing has rallied behind Huckabee and pushed him to a national lead in some polls. Romney saw no choice but to explain the foundations of his faith and try to recapture the number he has lost. It comes down to these two for conservative Christians. We don't have to settle for a man that created a sanctuary city, marched in gay pride parades and has lived his private life so thoughtless that his children are estranged from him. Romney claims that his religion is based on Jesus Christ as savior and that is what matters most. I tend to agree. More important though is the evangelical movement making their voices heard. We are not the toothless, gun rack, snake handling crowd. We are bright, deep seated in our faith and now we are loud. We know what we want in a candidate and are not going to settle for a middle of the road RINO. Maybe the third party should be called the Conservative party!