Saturday, November 17, 2007

Can Huckabee win Iowa? Rudy is betting on it!

by Daniel Short

Don't look now conservatives, but one poll has Mike Huckabee only two points behind front runner Mitt Romney in the Iowa's Republican Caucus. Huckabee has been coming on strong as of late as true conservatives look for someone that shares their core views. The biggest cheerleader for Huckabee now is Rudy Guiliani. Rudy knows that Iowa is not his kind of state and has spent little time campaigning there. On the other hand, Romney has bet the farm on Iowa and New Hampshire and any loss in one of these two states might be detrimental to his hopes of being president. That suits Rudy just fine. Huckabee knocking off Romney in Iowa is a dream scenario for the Guiliani and Thompson campaigns. Fred Thompson got in the race a little too late to make significant noise in Iowa.
My words of advice to the Guiliani camp - Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. If Huckabee wins Iowa and shows well in New Hampshire, real conservatives might wake from their slumber and jump on Huckabee's Stop Hillary Express. Still the question that pundits will throw out there is this. Is Huckabee electable in the general election next November? The polls show that Rudy can beat her, but are conservatives willing to compromise their platform? I say he is electable. Throw out the elite coastal areas and sell it to the real America. If that fails, look forward to a Guiliani/Huckabee ticket. That combination suits me fine.