Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Same Folks, Same Results

Over at the friendly NABC blog...I mean NA Confidential, Bluegill raps on and on about the aggressive administration that residents have longed for for years. He laments the future retirement of those in positions that have the "institutional knowledge and experience in successfully navigating bureaucracy, particularly the type of state and federal funding and compliance rules that circumscribe what we're able to accomplish with what's too often the only money we have (or are allowed to use due to uncooperative councils)." I have several question to insert here. First, wasn't this administration in power not so long ago? Do we not know what was and was not accomplished the first go around? The people in positions may have knowledge and experience, but what has really been accomplished? What connection to Mayor England do you have and/or why do you defend him so vigorously?

Now we all know that I don't actually "live in the city" of New Albany. With that said, I love this place. It really pains me to see the non-action and the insignificant grandstanding by all in this government. I haven't heard a new idea from any of them...ever. Maybe I am not listening. Maybe I am right. Somebody from the "city" tell me why you put up with cronyism and incompetence?