Thursday, October 2, 2008

450 Pages of the same ole BS

Has anyone read the bailout bill? Has any legislatures read it? I have read most of it and this is some of the garbage that is tucked into what is supposed to be a bailout package. There are many provisions for disaster relief and land use committees. All noble causes, just not the right place for it. This bill could have been condensed into 50 pages or less.

Page 290 - Extension for tax exemption and Seven year cost recovery for Motor Racing Race Tracks.

Page 295 - Extension on the exemption for Wool research and the Wool Research Fund. Huh?

Page 298 - Extension for the Film and Television Production Industry.

Page 300 - and my personal favorite.....Extension on the tax exemption for companies that manufacture certain wooden arrows for children's toys.

The constituents have spoken. The email to Congress was running 90% against the bill and this is why. We need a bill to keep our markets moving, not a bill to give more away.

Question of the day - Who is going to oversee the oversight committee on this?

Here is the link to the entire 451 pages of crap we are being sold....enjoy.