Thursday, October 16, 2008

What McCain Should Have Said

Everybody wants details. Details about the candidates policies. Details about who they have been involved with. Well there was one moment in the debate last night when Senator McCain should have given the full details. He cornered Senator Obama on partial birth abortion, saying he voted present in the Illinois legislature, then let him go. He should have given details...details about the procedure. Americans are against late term and partial birth abortions by a vast majority. I would have put it something like this: Mr. Obama believes not only in partial birth abortions, he believes the American tax payer should pay the bill. He voted present to save face because the procedure is so barbaric. Mr. Obama, tell the American people that may not know how a partial birth abortion is performed. No, you don't want to tell them? I will. It is just like the name suggests. The woman is induced into labor and pushes the baby through the birth canal till just the head is out of the mother's body. Then a doctor pierces the back of the baby's skull by the neck and a vacuum is used to suck the brains out. The body of the baby is then fully delivered. If the baby should somehow survive this despicable act, it is placed in a bag and put on a shelf till it dies of neglect. And you sir voted PRESENT.... that does not line up with the values of the American people.

And just think, Obama will have the chance to shore up the court with the most liberal of judges that will continue the killing for another thirty years. Heaven help us.