Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Old Bait and Switch

Today could decide the Left's nominee if Senator Clinton loses in Pennsylvania. Let me take a stab at what an Obama presidency looks like. It is becoming more clear as the campaign goes on that BHO is a made man, a stuffed suit. He admits himself that he is "a pretty good politician." Obama's relationships with some shady characters have tarnished the golden boy image and the tough questioning in the last debate has just plain ticked him off. He is BHO, the chosen one. No one is allowed to ask him the tough questions. Questions like: Why do you associate with Bill Ayers, member of Weather Underground? He is an admitted terrorist whose group is responsible for bombing the NYC police department and the Pentagon. He is unrepentant and has said that the only thing he regrets is that he could not do more! Obama's answer: I was 8 years old when that happened. He lives in my hood. He is a great English professor. And a terrorist whose house you used to kick off your political career. Next question: Why did you not leave the church that taught so much hate and racism? Answer: Rev. Wright is like a crazy uncle. I cannot disown him anymore than I can disown my white grandmother - a typical racist white person. Last Question: Are you an elitist? No Way! Just because I called the average American bitter, just because I said they cling to their guns and their god, they hate immigrants and long for the factory to magically reappear. I am not an elitist. My mom was on food stamps, ya know. I got street cred. Yeah, I went to Ivy League schools. I was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. I am not an elitist.

One of these comes up and I can see a simple mistake here. Add them all up and we have trouble. BHO, while in the Illinois senate, voted against 14th amendment rights for babies that survive an abortion. He chose instead to have the doctor place them on a shelf in the utility room until they die on their own. He chose to vote against a bill, that later became law, that gave a citizen the right to self defense in their own home. This man is out of touch with middle America. I am joining operation chaos. I am seriously considering casting my vote for Hillary in the primary. They both scare me, but BHO is America's worst case scenario. He says the right things, makes the sales pitch, then whammo, the old bait and switch.