Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oil in the Lower 48 - Twenty Years Worth

Well it's not the Economist, but another quality publication is reporting something that intelligent people everywhere have known for years - America has oil in the ground! and lots of it. Kiplinger reported the new oil find in March of this year.
It is stashed away miles under foot in a remote place called North Dakota where the natives speak with strange English usually only heard in movies. There is a region there known as the Bakken oil fields that experts claim holds more than 100 billion barrels of oil. That is enough to meet America's needs for up to twenty years and give us time to develop the new energy sources that we so desperately need. It may take five years to fully utilize the reserve there, but good ole ingenuity will bring it to the surface. Best of all, there are no Caribou or Flying Squirrels that will be pushed off their natural habitat.
This is a huge strategic advantage for the U.S. We can finally break our strangle hold on those menacing Canadians (our largest supplier of oil) and Mexicans (our second largest supplier of oil) and be self sustaining in the energy department. Maybe in twenty years we can import sun light from the Canadians to power our solar gizmos. But, Ted Turner says we will all be cannibals in thirty years, so I guess enjoy it while you can.