Friday, April 4, 2008

Planned Parenthood in a Growth Industry - Unless you are a Fetus.

Planned Parenthood, the oxymoronic named abortion provider, has reported profits in the last fiscal year of $1 billion. How did they do it you ask? Why, more abortions and federal funding of course. Planned Parenthood receives one third of its budget from the federal government. That's $336.7 million last year of tax payer money. Guess what? They want even more this year. The PP lobbyists are out in full force. Business is swift at the clinics also. Total number of abortions for the fiscal year were 289,750, up 24,807 from the previous year.

My stomach turns and I feel ill at the thought that we are talking about human life here, not widgets. What a great business plan. Sell more murders while increasing funding from the government.

What is Obama's stance on abortion, you may be wondering? He said that he would not want his daughters, ages 9 and 6, to be PUNISHED with a baby if they were to get pregnant. He is talking about his own grandchild here. How does he get away with this garbage?

Contact Baron Hill. Contact all of our state leaders and tell them no more funding for an organization that commits infanticide almost one thousand times daily. Cut them off completely. They can hand out condoms on their own dime. I know the answer you will get from Baron's office because I have contacted them before. He believes in the taxpayer's right to subsidize abortion clinics.