Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rush the Kool-Aid Man and Indiana's Short Session

I've got a couple things on my mind tonight so this might be all over the place, but here goes. Rush Limbaugh constantly states that he doesn't get involved in primary endorsements, but lately he has done his share of bashing all but two Republican candidates. That sounds an awful lot like and endorsement to me. His argument goes like this - Everyone wants change and the Republicans say the era of Reagan is over. Rush says it isn't over unless we nominate Huckabee or McCain. Then the party will be split and broken forever. I say Bull - oney! How is Rudy more conservative than Mike Huckabee? Rudy is pro gay marriage, pro abortion rights, pro gun control along with a personal history that looks suspiciously Clintonesque. Now Romney looks more conservative than Rudy, but then who isn't? Oh yeah, McCain isn't. Mitt has a history of flipping on issues more than others. Let's not fool ourselves about this man's faith either. Talk about splitting a party. Maybe it shouldn't be an issue, but it is. Rush has made up his mind and has finally let the cat out. He doesn't like middle America, evangelical conservatives. You are smart enough to make up your own mind - aren't you?

Now to Indiana's short legislative session. You see there is no budget to pass this time around and, oh yeah, it is an election year so the good folks take off early to campaign. All the talk has been about property taxes. There is another very important issue that desperately needs your action. SJR 7 is in committee and needs to pass, or a resolution has to be established, for the marriage amendment to appear on the fall ballot. This needs to happen this fall. Presidential elections bring voter turnout up and that will help this cause. Call your representative and tell them to push SJR 7 through, now! This is too important to put on the back burner. I'm sure they can work on two things at once.