Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Resoltion for Big Government - Go on a Diet

by Daniel Short

Just like the rest of America, our government has bloated to proportions beyond anything our founders could have possibly imagined. The fattening up is not just at the federal level either. Local governments scarf up every crumb of taxpayer funds to fuel programs and initiatives that have no business anywhere near an inefficient machine like government bureaucracy. The federal government should not be interfering in markets where unscrupulous lenders target overspending consumers and both sides get what they deserve. Tax money to bail out the big vinyl boxes(as my friend over at the brewery calls them) is in my opinion illegal. Jefferson County Kentucky voters finally got one right by defeating the so called library tax by overwhelming margins. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Locally we push for downtown renewal by issuing bonds for new buildings - firehouses and Y's - while neglecting the roads in the industrial parks that generate the funding. Sidewalks in New Albany our an ankle sprain just waiting to happen. Incentives to lure business downtown is fabulous, but using tax dollars to finance it is another animal altogether. Let's get back letting government do its job and the free markets doing theirs. Free markets always do things more efficiently and governments always try to maintain control over it. Now I wonder if that twenty sixth environmental study is complete on the east end bridge location? Happy Motoring Hoosiers!