Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Definition of Insanity - Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results!

Case in point are the fine citizens and government of New Albany. Now I won't include all of them, but those that voted to put Doug England back at the helm may fit the definition. Mayor Doug promised that he wouldn't need to hire anyone for economic development because he could handle it himself. Then after he was elected, he decided that just maybe a friend of his was a better economic developer than himself, so he announced the hiring of Carl Malyz. His title will be deputy Mayor and head honcho of developing the economy. His salary for both of these important jobs is a mere $85,000 a year for four years. A small price to pay for his expertise in this area. Well it's only about $10,000 more than the mayor himself will make. Then there is an assistant economic developer yet to be named that will only pull about $60,000 taxpayer dollars out of the treasury. Did Mr. England really get voted out a few years ago or is my memory failing? Now the mayor says he will retain the former mayor James Garner for a month as a sewer advisor. You know, just to bring the new mayor up to speed. It will only cost $6000 for the month. Mr. Garner didn't know much about the sewers during his four years as mayor, but that shouldn't matter to the good citizens. What's $150,000 in the fisrt couple of weeks in office? After all, it's not his money! It is all business as usual in this sleepy river town that has even my liberal friends wondering when it will wake up.