Monday, January 7, 2008

Barack can bag it up and that aint Good

by Daniel Short

Barack Obama has a unique chance on Tuesday to put the Democrat Presidential race out of reach. He is polling up over double digits against Hillary and the lead is growing everyday. He definitely has the big "MO" on his side and here is how I see things coming down. First, Obama wins New Hampshire by 14, heads south and eats up South Carolina and Florida. Hillary's contributions start to dry up and the prose of Barack continues to ooze change to the American left. How can Barack win so big in New Hampshire? Over 40% of voters are independents and can choose which party they will vote for in the primary right before they enter the booth. A lot of independents have polled for McCain, but will choose to rock the boat by making a statement for Obama. I fear that what is left is an even stronger Barack with enough money to ride it out.

This all has great implications on the Republican side of things. If the Democrats rally around Obama this early and the right struggles through super Tuesday without a true leader, valuable time will be lost. National polls show Rudy and Huckabee tied at 19%, Romney at 17%, McCain at 15% and Thompson at 14%. This is a dangerous scenario for the GOP.

Now let's remember that Bill lost the first five states in 1992 before going on to take the nomination and the White House. So maybe Hillary can drag it out long enough to slow the "O" train. Will Hillary take the VP job. Oh you betcha she will. If she doesn't, that's it for her. If she does, she still becomes the first woman to hold that office and will be 69 years old in eight years. That is three years younger than McCain is now. An Obama/Clinton ticket will probably wrap it up, unless we see a McCain/Lieberman ticket. Then there is Mayor Bloomberg! OK let's not get ahead of ourselves! Whew

When we said anyone but Hillary, we didn't exactly have Barack Obama in mind.