Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"A New Era of Responsibility"...Yeah, Right

While the world awakens from its all night Obamasm, I have to ponder the change that is upon us. The President campaigned on it and yesterday talked about a new era of responsibility. Not yet 24 hours into his administration, the change is drastic and the responsibility falls once again on the tax paying citizens of America.

Here are some headlines in the morning papers and on news sites.

"Obama White House Calls for repealing defense of marriage act."

"Obama moves to halt terror trials."

From Plans to repeal the Tiahrt Amendment and make guns "Child Proof."

"U.S. Stocks Slide in Dow Average’s Worst Inauguration Day Drop"

"Stimulus not enough, Soros warns U.S."

So, let me get all of this straight. We will be more responsible if we print another trillion dollars and hand it out like Pez to little kids. George Soros has set the stage for even more by lobbing the first "more money missile" from the liberal bunker. We will be more responsible if we close down Gitmo and tell the terrorists they are free to strike us again. We will definitely see change if the Defense of Marriage act is repealed. No doubt we will see change in crime rates. They will climb as law abiding citizens have their constitutional right to own, carry and use a firearm is stripped away by Obama and Holder.

I see change for sure. I see the government becoming responsible for the majority of our lives. I see the writing on the wall and I don't like it. Shouldn't a new era of responsibility include people being more responsible for themselves personally and not just for the tax burden they represent? Obama mania is runnig wild, but the hangover is coming.