Friday, January 23, 2009

Lobbyists Can't Approach, Unless it is for a Job.

Barack Obama has stated that no lobbyists will be allowed to approach his staff and other members of his administration. An admiral, yet unconstitutional, stab at keeping up appearances of purity and change. There is a hitch in this giddy-up though. Obama took money from lobbyists like a junkie at a methadone clinic during his campaign. Now he has resorted to hiring them. But don't you dare question him about it. You will get the "Obamastare." That is exactly what happened to a Politico reporter yesterday that tried to question POTUS about a former defense lobbyist that worked for Raytheon named William Lynn. Oh, the love affair may be over. The media has rolled over and taken a peek at what Barry looks like in the morning after a long night of celebrating and some bad choices. It's not a pretty sight. What was reporter Johnathon Martin thinking anyway? Trying to ask the Prez about something so serious as a defense department appointment? Just keep in mind that he is above questioning and everything will be alright. He is the chosen one, so whatever he decides is best for us is what we questions asked.

Help Wanted : Lobbyists Apply Within.