Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Just In...Baron Votes in Favor of Tyranny

The results are in on the late night vote for the so called "health care" bill and it is no surprise. Baron Hill rode the fence as long as he could, but in the end bowed to pressure from Madame Pelosi and voted yes. After some goodies were added to sweeten the deal for those wavering on the vote, the total for the bill reached $1.4 trillion over ten years. John Yarmuth also voted yes. The final tally was 220 for and 215 against. Five votes, just five votes for a bill that Baron could have killed in committee. It is a sad day for this country and our descendants. If this blatant power grab passes the Senate, our government will control about 15% of our nation's economy. Please contact your senators without delay. Remind them of last Tuesday's elections and what the future holds for them if they continue this madness. One final comment... Run Mike, Run.