Friday, November 13, 2009

America on Trial

No surprises as the announcement came today. The justice department plans to bring the September 11th terrorists to New York to stand trial in a civilian court. This would be no big deal if these were ordinary thugs accused of purse snatching or DUI. These are not ordinary thugs. These are hardened terrorists that have all admitted that they planned and executed the events on that dark day. They have asked to be martyred so they can meet their virgins. They have no defense.

Now they will be given rights and privileges, the same as American citizens. They will plead the 5th amendment. They will push for a speedy trial. They will make a mockery of our systems and will tear open wounds of the survivors and families that desperately need to heal.

Their fate is sealed. This trial will not be so much about them as it will be about the previous administration's ideals and practices to receive intelligence from the terrorists. The attorneys will mull the so called "torture" techniques. They will accuse American officials of over reaching and will put on the black board all of our ways of gaining information. All terrorists will learn valuable information on how to beat the interrogations. This will end badly. This will give America a black eye. This will become a three ring media circus.

All this for a terror leader that has pleaded guilty and expressed his wishes to die. All this for a trial that can and should be tried in a military court. All this from an administration that still blames America for the world's troubles.