Friday, November 7, 2008

Local Tax Payers Get Sold Down the River or EDIT in a Dingy

New Albany has a new boat and you can't play the slots on it. According to the CJ, the New Albany Fire Department has purchased an aluminum fire boat for the river. Cost to you? A measly $100,00. In a time when the budget is tight and communication between the mayor and council is loose, was this a wise purchase? To add a little excitement to the argument, the money was pulled from the FDNA pension fund. It was dollars set aside to encourage members to retire from the department. Now what? A majority of council members have said they would have not voted for this "capital project."

The chief said the current boat is not suitable for the river because it was designed for lake use. They plan to sell that craft to offset the 100K bill on the new one. If your town is on a major river, why would you ever buy a boat for a lake? An even better question - if you are a citizen of New Albany, why would you expect any different?