Thursday, November 13, 2008

If You Like Taxes, You Will Love Floyd County

The Floyd County Council voted 4 to 3 right along party lines last night for a 1.25% income tax on the good people. Four democrats aye, three republicans nay. Teresa Plaiss, the county auditor, said the money would go to property tax relief. Is it really relief if you just shift the tax from your house to your income? The quarter percent will go to public safety and will generate an estimated $4 million per year. The kicker yet again is that the money will be divided equally between the city and county police and fire. According to the CJ, "Those speaking in favor of the tax included Carl Malysz, New Albany's deputy mayor; Paul Haub, president of the New Albany police union; Jeff Firkins, president of the county police union; city Police Chief Greg Crabtree; county Sheriff Darrell Mills; and city fire Chief Matt Juliot." Imagine....people spending the money asking for more. Those opposed to the measure were, drum roll please, the citizens of Floyd County. I know I will have plenty of comments on here about the safety departments being stretched too thin and frankly I have heard all that jazz before. What we need is a comprehensive overhaul of city and county government. We need to prioritize the needs and wants. Taxation is not the answer. I thought liberals were supposed to be the creative types. All I am hearing is the same old tax and spend mantra. Maybe that is why the democrats control the council. They love taxes and right now, Floyd county is the place to be.