Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Racist" Charge Replaces "Global Warming" in Left's Blame Game

Oh, the good ole days. Remember those? Remember when Al Gore would spit venom towards SUV drivers and hog farmers while on his forty foot houseboat? Global warming was his cry! It became comical almost instantly because of the over use of the phrase. It all went something like this: Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming. The tsunami in the far warming. Drought? Flood? High winds? It has to be global warming. But, the lunatic left did not stop there. Even as the summer of 2009 was recorded as the coolest in decades, that too was blamed on global warming.

Now, with a new president, the old rant of global warming causes male pattern baldness seems to be out like Adam Lambert, errr I mean like those darn gas guzzlers. The new moniker is "racist." That's right, you are a racist! You might as well accept it, deal with it and get over it because you are a true blue, down to the bone, bred for generations, former slave owning, keep the black man down RACIST. Unless, of course, you are a liberal and agree with everything that comes from the mouth of Obama. Then you are a great American. Jimmy Carter says the debate is not really about health care. The problem is that conservatives cannot bring themselves to accept a black man if the office. How dare you call Obama on his budget busting plan to insure every living thing, to use your tax money to pay for abortion on demand and to give the elderly the chance to argue why they should live before a bureaucratic panel. You are a racist! You questioned Obama's choice for the Supreme Court because she said the appeals court is where law is made? You, my friend, are a racist. Never mind that Hillary Clinton championed dissent during W's terms. Never mind that Senator Byrd was in the KKK. Forget all about it are racist.

Male pattern baldness in conservatives? That's because they are racist.