Sunday, July 19, 2009

Courier Journal Leaves Schansberg Out

The Sunday edition arrived at the end of my driveway the same as it always does. The news was bad, the opinions liberal and the weather cool. Right on the front page was a picture of our congressman, Baron Hill, with the headline "GOP eyes run against Rep. Hill." There is plenty of talk about Mike Sodrel and the two newcomers that are running. Scott Fluhr of the Hoosier Pundit even chimes in with various reasons why the two newbies cannot win. The main one? Name recognition. Todd Young and Travis Hankins don't have it. They are both bright young men and qualified candidates, but lack of money and name recognition are holding them back.

Now, I do know of a man that is very well qualified and has name recognition due to his previous campaigns. His name is Eric Scahnsberg. See, you have heard the name. Well, he belongs to a political party that the CJ does not recognize... the Libertarian Party. Maybe you have not heard of them? Trust me, in the next few election cycles you will hear plenty about the party and from the candidates. Mr. Schansberg is an economics professor which is far better than a lawyer in my books. This may be the time when Eric propels himself and his cause into the spotlight. Will he win? The pundits say no way. Will he get his message out? You betcha.