Monday, June 22, 2009

Odds and Ends and Back Bends

OK people, little league is finished for the summer. A lot has happened in the world and even in our little corner since my last post. I will touch on the high lites as I see them and then you can commence to your disagreements.

Iran in turmoil: In a way, I can see how the president would like to stay out of this mess. He argues that Iran will turn our meddling into a call for regime change and bolster hard liners. I get that. But, for me, the stakes are much higher. Let's face it, none of the three candidates are saints. One may not be much better than the other. However, peaceful demonstrations cannot be thwarted. All people have the right to disagree with their government. This is even more true in a country where the government is totalitarian and ran by a religious figure, not the president. The U.S. should call for a new election that has oversight from a neutral entity. It would be more than a gesture. We would gain much respect from the young, freedom loving generation that is speaking out over there.

FDA takes on cigarettes: I saw this one coming like a change up at the ballpark. This power grab will pave the road to government oversight of everything we do. Couple this with socialized medicine and you have the recipe for big brother telling you what you can eat, what you can do and what you can drive. They know what is best, right?

Kentucky Senate says no to slots: You can't legislate morality, but you can save an industry that is in desperate need of a level playing field. This news is great for Southern Indiana and terrible for Louisville and the state of Kentucky. Why do most folks go to the track anyway? For the fresh air of course. Kentucky Republicans get another one wrong and Indiana comes out smelling like the roses on the first Saturday in May.