Friday, February 13, 2009

What Are They Hiding?

The libs promised 48 hours of read time on the spendulus bill before a vote was to take place. That in itself is not enough time as the final package grew like the fat sow it is to over 1,000 pages. The package was finally put online last night at 11 pm and a vote is to take place this morning. My math is not the best, but that does not seem like 2 days to me. On top of that, the porkapalooza bill was not published in keyword text, instead it was converted to pdf files so that the average Joe could not search for it. Now Obama was quoted as saying this bill contained no pork and no projects aimed at special interests. He has claimed that his administration would be transparent. It all begs the question, what are they trying to hide? What is about to be rammed down out throats? Transparency, openness? When pigs fly...and the only pork in D.C. is in the back pages of socialists spending bill.