Friday, December 5, 2008

Genesis Predicts the Bailout

Genesis explains the bailout years before the corporate heads belly up to the bar in Washington. I am not talking about the Bible here folks. I am talking about the Phil Collins' Genesis. Way back in 1987 on the album "Invisible Touch" the song "Tonight,Tonight,Tonight" was released and made its way up the charts to number three in the U.S. Many of you thought is was a song about a man struggling with his addiction to drugs and meeting with his dealer, but oh no, you couldn't be farther from the truth. Phil was prophetically speaking about the bailout of businesses by the tax payers that would occur over twenty years later. You don't believe me? Well take a gander at these lyrics and decide for yourself.

"I got some money in my pocket, ( Congress)
about ready to burn
I don't remember where I got it, ( from Tax Payers )
I gotta get it to you
So please answer the phone,
cos I keep calling,
but you're never home
What am I gonna do

Tonight, tonight, tonight -
oh I'm gonna make it right
Tonight, tonight, tonight - oh.

You keep telling me I've got everything,
you say I've got everything I want
You keep telling me you're gonna help me, ( AIG, GM, Fannie )
you're gonna help me, but you don't
But now I'm in too deep ( Big Three Automakers )
You see it's got me so that I just can't sleep

Oh get me out of here,
please get me out of here
Just help me I'll do anything, anything ( Including building cars that no one wants )
If you'll just help me get out of here.

That is pretty obvious to me. The part about "You keep telling me you are going to help me but you don't. Now I am in too deep" sounds like the Big Three Automakers, no?

This Phil Collins guy is like Nostradamus. I am now rifling through other songs to see what I can glean from them about America's financial future. I will report back as soon as I find something substantial.