Saturday, September 6, 2008

UAW Has the Car Running and the Garage Door Down

I want to thank Ron, a UAW retiree that put in 30 hard years, for reminding me once again of the blinders that blur the vision of that once admired association. His question to me was "Why does the UAW insist on committing suicide by continuing to endorse and donate to liberal candidates?" Great question...You see, I too at one time was a UAW member. Thirteen years on an assembly line. I questioned many times why the union would support a candidate that advocates unrestricted trade with China when it puts American manufacturers at such a disadvantage. In fact, in 2002 the UAW would not endorse either candidate for the 9th district race in Indiana. When questioned why this was so, I was told that was the decision and there would be no further explanation. The union simply will not endorse a Republican, namely Mike Sodrel, even if it means helping the industry in which they claim to represent workers. The union even attached its logo and helped pay for an advertisement thanking Congressman Hill last year for helping to pass higher CAFE standards. Isn't that like a chicken thanking Colonel Sanders for ridding the fryer of trans fats? You are still going to fry! Why would you want to put even more restrictions on the products that you produce, especially when high MPG automobiles already exist? I know I have written about this before in one of my earliest blogs, but it is worth repeating. The UAW would donate to a yellow dog if it had a "D" behind its name. The only difference this time is that the yellow dog has started the car with the garage door down and the union is in the backseat.