Friday, March 21, 2008

Mike Sodrel to Make Campaign About Issues

The following is an e-mail text I received from Mike Sodrel. I will continue to post any that get passed along to me to keep the locals up on what is happening.

March 20, 2008
Well, we're off and running. I officially filed to be a candidate on January 25. That day we kicked off a 20-county tour of the district. We stopped in courthouses, libraries, and coffee shops all over the 9th district to greet supporters and talk to the local media about this race. We got great press coverage all over the district. I have been encouraged by Hoosiers from both sides of the aisle. To me this election isn't about candidates or parties. It's about the future of our Republic. I feel that this election is arguably the most important in my lifetime. After much prayer, Keta and I decided that we couldn't sit on the sidelines for this one. The future of our children and grandchildren, and future generations of Americans is much too important for me to stand idle.
We've been hearing the word "change" quite a bit recently. Bigger government and higher taxes is not change. That's more of the same. I want to see real change. One idea that would bring real change is the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax would eliminate income taxes and replace it with a sales tax. By moving taxes from production to consumption, the Fair Tax levels the tax playing field between American products and foreign products. So it's not only a tax bill, it's a jobs bill. You can read more about the Fair Tax at
This is just one of the many issues that I will be discussing as the campaign goes forward. I encourage you to stay in contact with me and I humbly ask for your support. Please see my website at From there, you can sign up to volunteer, make a donation, and keep up to date on our campaign.