Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Clinton makes loan to campaign via Dubai

Senator Obama raised more money than Senato Clinton in January by a 3 to 1 margin. The only way for the Clintons was to prop up their own campaign was through personal funds - to the tune of $5 million before Super Tuesday. Now just where does a Clinton get $5 million on such short notice? From a land far, far away where money is as abundant as the sands. Dubai. The Emir of Dubai is a close personal friend of the Clintons. In fact, Bill has been giving speeches there for over six years for around a half million each. Lately though, Bill has been an advisor for a company called UKEEPS that wanted the Emir's money so badly that it has reportedly paid the former President $10 million a year to keep the cash flowing. Bill was in charge of investing the Emir's moolah in this company. Mr. Clinton has never registered as an agent of a foreign company or government. Now for the kicker. The Clintons needed a jolt of fast cash to infuse into the campaign because donations had slowed while everyone jumped on Obama's wagon. There just happened to be a $20 million buyout clause in this little arrangement. The cash went from the Emir to Clinton's right pocket then presto changeo to the campaign of his wife. Can you say illegal boys and girls? But, hey what can you expect from this dynamic duo? It's just another day's work for those that crave the power of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I heard once that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. You don't say?